North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-25

Collection of Special Assessments - Obligations of Municipality

Section Section Name
40-25-01 Sale of real property to enforce collections of delinquent special assessments
40-25-02 Sale of property if both general and special assessment taxes are delinquent ‑ Absence of private bid
40-25-03 Foreclosure of property if only special assessment is delinquent
40-25-04 Owners of tax sale certificates issued prior to March 17, 1937, not affected
40-25-05 Failure to have general taxes and special assessments sold separately not negligence of municipality
40-25-06 Negligence must be proved as fact
40-25-07 Measure of damages when negligence of taxing district shown
40-25-08 Retroactive effect of sections 40‑25‑05, 40‑25‑06, and 40‑25‑07
40-25-09 Purchase of tax sale certificate by municipality from county ‑ Assignment and redemption
40-25-10 Tax deed to municipality holding tax sale certificate for general taxes