North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-27

Funding and Refunding Special Assessment Warrants

Section Section Name
40-27-01 Municipality may issue bonds to purchase special assessment warrants
40-27-02 Issuance of funding bonds ‑ Question need not be submitted to electors nor to board of budget review
40-27-03 Funding bonds to mature serially ‑ When installments fall due
40-27-04 Bonds to be general obligations of municipality
40-27-05 Special fund for payment of bonds issued for purchase of special assessment warrants ‑ Tax levy
40-27-06 Refunding special assessment warrants or bonds ‑ Purpose for which issuable
40-27-07 Refunding warrants or bonds authorized by resolution ‑ Contents of resolution
40-27-08 Contents of refunding warrants and bonds ‑ Redemption ‑ Negotiability ‑ Eligibility as investments
40-27-09 Sale or exchange of refunding warrants or bonds ‑ Issuance ‑ Agreement by governing body to exchange
40-27-10 Expense of issuing refunding special assessment warrants or bonds chargeable to special improvement fund
40-27-11 Special fund created for payment of refunding special assessment warrants or bonds ‑ Procedure on paying refunded warrants or bonds
40-27-12 Rights of warrantholders or bondholders to be preserved ‑ Tax levy for deficiency ‑ When levied
40-27-13 Refunding callable funding bonds or refunding warrants ‑ Terms and conditions