North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-28

Service Connections

Section Section Name
40-28-01 Connections with sewers and other mains ‑ Service connections
40-28-02 Notice to owner or occupant to construct service connection pipes or wires
40-28-03 Municipality may contract work when property owner fails to make service connections as required
40-28-04 Assessments extended over period of from one year to five years ‑ Certification of assessments
40-28-05 Sewer and water connections assessment fund ‑ Warrants ‑ Payment
40-28-06 Plans and specifications ordered for service connections
40-28-07 Bids for service connections
40-28-08 Bond required of successful bidder for making service connections ‑ Amount ‑ Conditions ‑ Approval
40-28-09 Contracts for making service connections ‑ Execution ‑ Contents
40-28-10 Contractor may be paid from time to time on estimates
40-28-11 Duties of street commissioner in certain cities