North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-29


Section Section Name
40-29-01 Width, materials, and manner of construction of sidewalks prescribed by ordinance
40-29-02 Duty of property owners to maintain sidewalks
40-29-03 Notice to construct, rebuild, or repair sidewalks
40-29-04 Power of municipality upon failure of property owner to comply with notice
40-29-05 Assessment of expense
40-29-06 Assessment of expense in villages
40-29-07 Bids for sidewalks
40-29-08 Awarding contract for sidewalks
40-29-09 City auditor to deliver assessment rolls to county auditor ‑ Extension ‑ Collection
40-29-10 Review of assessments ‑ Assessment book
40-29-11 Payment of assessments ‑ Interest
40-29-12 Procedure for making limited repairs to sidewalks
40-29-13 Sidewalks repaired or constructed in municipalities not to be paid for by general taxation ‑ Exception
40-29-14 Sidewalk special fund ‑ Warrants drawn upon ‑ Levy
40-29-15 Warrants ‑ Payable ‑ Interest ‑ Contents ‑ Signed ‑ Uses
40-29-16 City auditor to pay warrants from special fund
40-29-17 Property owners petition for drainage and construction or repair of streets and sidewalks ‑ Requirements
40-29-18 Snow and ice removal from sidewalks ‑ Assessment ‑ Street commissioner to make and file assessment list
40-29-19 Notice of meeting of governing body to confirm snow and ice removal report and assessment
40-29-20 Hearing on snow and ice removal assessment ‑ Confirmation ‑ Certificate attached to assessment list
40-29-21 Priority