North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-31

Construction and Repair of Curbing and Gutters in Cities

Section Section Name
40-31-01 Governing body to prescribe plans and specifications for curbing by ordinance or resolution
40-31-01.1 Ramped curbing for wheelchairs
40-31-02 City to build curbing ‑ Assessment of expense ‑ Notice of assessment ‑ Approval by governing body
40-31-03 Requirements as to certified or cashier's check and bidder's bond accompanying bids
40-31-04 Letting contracts for curbing
40-31-05 Procedure for making limited repairs to curbing
40-31-06 Assessment book for curbing repairs ‑ Review of assessments ‑ Extension ‑ Collection
40-31-07 Curbing not to be paid for by general taxation ‑ Exception
40-31-08 Curbing special fund ‑ Warrants drawn upon ‑ Levy
40-31-09 Warrants ‑ Payable ‑ Interest coupons ‑ Contents ‑ Uses
40-31-10 City auditor to pay warrants from special fund