North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-33.1

Municipal Steam Heating Authorities

Section Section Name
40-33.1-01 Definitions
40-33.1-02 Municipal steam heating authorities
40-33.1-03 Purpose and powers of an authority
40-33.1-04 Financing projects and facilities
40-33.1-05 Officers and employees
40-33.1-06 Conveyance of property by a city to an authority ‑ Acquisition of property by a city or by an authority
40-33.1-07 Construction contracts
40-33.1-08 Moneys of the authority
40-33.1-09 Notes of an authority
40-33.1-10 Agreement of a city
40-33.1-11 State and city not liable on notes ‑ Exceptions as to cities
40-33.1-12 Tax exemptions
40-33.1-13 Tax contract by the state
40-33.1-14 Remedies of noteholders
40-33.1-15 Authority may levy assessments against property to be benefited by project ‑ Manner in which assessments to be made
40-33.1-16 Actions against an authority