North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-33

Municipal Utilities

Section Section Name
40-33-01 Electric light, telephone, natural and artificial gas plants, pipelines and distribution systems, and power plants ‑ Municipalities may purchase, erect, construct, maintain, sell, or lease
40-33-02 Acquiring, erecting, or improving plant, system, or line without election prohibited ‑ Exceptions
40-33-03 Sale or lease of plant, system, or line ‑ Offer or written proposition ‑ Election ‑ Proceeds
40-33-04 Manner of payment of purchase, erection, improvement, or leasing of plant, system, or line
40-33-05 Payment of cost of plant, system, or line by special assessment warrants ‑ Payment of assessments ‑ Interest
40-33-06 Payment of cost of improvement by general taxation
40-33-07 Issuance of bonds ‑ Election required
40-33-08 Questions and propositions may be voted upon at same election and may be contained on one ballot
40-33-09 Extension of municipal lighting, heating, or power system, or gas works by special assessment method
40-33-10 Municipal utilities fund ‑ Contents ‑ Kept separate from other funds ‑ Use and disbursement
40-33-11 Payments out of municipal utilities fund ‑ Limitations
40-33-12 Surplus in municipal utilities fund ‑ How expended
40-33-13 Municipality may sell surplus electricity or water outside of municipal limits
40-33-14 Contract to supply surplus water or electricity outside of municipal limits
40-33-15 Proceedings instituted under existing law ‑ How completed
40-33-16 Municipality may purchase water for distribution
40-33-17 City may contract for water treatment plant
40-33-18 Resolution authorizing contract ‑ Payment solely through net revenue ‑ Issuance of revenue bonds or of certificates evidencing indebtedness under contract
40-33-19 Agreements authorized ‑ Special rates and charges
40-33-20 Indebtedness not general obligation of municipality ‑ Conditional sales authorized
40-33-21 Powers conferred are supplementary
40-33-22 Joint construction and operation of gas transmission or distribution systems or plants
40-33-23 Sale of gas outside municipalities
40-33-24 Funds of jointly operated utilities
40-33-25 Surplus funds of jointly operated utility
40-33-26 Municipal transportation system ‑ Resolution
40-33-27 Municipal transportation system ‑ Bonds
40-33-28 Municipal transportation system ‑ Bond limitations
40-33-29 Municipal transportation system ‑ Application ‑ Intent
40-33-30 Right of municipal electric utilities and municipal power agencies to construct, own, and maintain electric transmission lines