North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-34

Sewage and Garbage Disposal

Section Section Name
40-34-01 Disposal of garbage or sewage in municipalities ‑ Acquiring land
40-34-01.1 Municipalities to maintain sanitary conditions on certain roads ‑ Exception
40-34-02 Methods of defraying cost of sewage or garbage disposal improvements or lease
40-34-03 Mortgages and mortgage bonds ‑ Issuance over debt limit ‑ Not general obligations ‑ Vote required to issue ‑ Conditions
40-34-04 Bonds may be issued by municipality ‑ Term of bonds ‑ Determining conditions
40-34-05 Supervision and control of plant ‑ Rules and regulations governing ‑ Charges for use of plant ‑ Failure to pay ‑ Collection
40-34-06 Sinking fund for payment of interest and principal
40-34-07 First mortgage bonds are negotiable
40-34-08 Tax levy to pay deficiency when bonds become due
40-34-09 Action maintained on failure to pay principal or interest of bonds ‑ Court receiver ‑ Sale of property ‑ Redemption ‑ Sheriff's deed
40-34-10 Franchise granted to holder of sheriff's deed to operate property ‑ Contents of franchise
40-34-11 Revesting title and ownership of improvement or utility in municipality
40-34-12 Appeal from decision of public service commission in revesting title ‑ Conditions
40-34-13 Residue of money remaining after payment of bonds ‑ Disposal
40-34-14 Payment of bonds by taxation ‑ Limitations
40-34-15 Agreements between municipalities within and without state ‑ Acquiring property ‑ Erecting dams ‑ Use of waters ‑ Eminent domain
40-34-16 Contractual relationship between municipalities ‑ Approval ‑ Operating as an independent enterprise
40-34-17 Municipality which authorized bond issue prior to March 3, 1933, may finance under this chapter
40-34-18 Power granted by chapter considered an addition
40-34-19 Agreements between municipalities and with the state or private parties ‑ Leasing property