North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-35

Revenue Bond Law

Section Section Name
40-35-01 Short title
40-35-02 Undertaking defined
40-35-03 Powers of municipality
40-35-04 Resolution authorizing undertaking and the issuance of revenue bonds
40-35-05 Cost of undertaking ‑ How determined
40-35-06 Issuance of bonds for electric light and power plant ‑ When approval of electors required
40-35-07 Form of ballot ‑ When question submitted
40-35-08 Provisions governing revenue bonds
40-35-09 Sale of revenue bonds ‑ When private sale authorized ‑ Public sale and notice thereof
40-35-10 Bonds and receipts or certificates issued pending preparation of bonds ‑ Negotiability
40-35-11 Validity of bonds
40-35-12 Bonds exempt from taxation ‑ Exception
40-35-13 Covenants that may be inserted in ordinance or resolution authorizing bonds
40-35-14 Liability of municipality for bonds ‑ Taxing power prohibited ‑ Bond not a lien
40-35-15 Remedies of bondholders in general
40-35-16 Receiver of undertaking ‑ When appointed
40-35-17 Powers and duties of receiver of undertaking
40-35-18 Court may direct receiver to surrender possession of undertaking
40-35-19 Receiver subject to jurisdiction of court ‑ Jurisdiction of court
40-35-20 Construction