North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-36

Revenue Bond Refinancing Law

Section Section Name
40-36-01 Short title
40-36-02 Definitions
40-36-03 Municipalities may refinance enterprise ‑ Borrow money ‑ Issue refunding bonds
40-36-04 Refunding bonds authorized by resolution ‑ Adoption ‑ Taking effect
40-36-05 Provisions governing issuance of refunding bonds
40-36-06 Validity of refunding bonds
40-36-07 Refunding bonds exempt from taxation ‑ Exception
40-36-08 Provisions that may be inserted in resolution authorizing issuance of refunding bonds
40-36-09 Refunding bonds secured by a lien upon revenues of enterprise ‑ Pledging fixed amount as security
40-36-10 Additional security for refunding bonds ‑ Contents of bonds with additional security
40-36-11 No priority in refunding bonds of same issue
40-36-12 Refunding bonds not a debt of municipality ‑ Refunding bond to recite fund from which payable
40-36-13 Exchange or sale of refunding bonds
40-36-14 Recourse to general fund to pay refunding bonds prohibited ‑ Credit or taxing power not pledged to payment
40-36-15 Municipalities may appoint fiscal agent ‑ Make rules and regulations governing
40-36-16 Duties of municipality and officers
40-36-17 General remedies of holders of refunding bonds ‑ Receiver of enterprise
40-36-18 Waiver of default or breach of duty or contract not to extend to subsequent default or breach of duty or contract
40-36-19 Limitations on authorizations contained in chapter ‑ Effect of chapter on bonds issued prior to March 12, 1937
40-36-20 Construction ‑ Procedure in issuance of refunding bonds