North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-39

Opening and Vacating Streets, Alleys, and Public Places

Section Section Name
40-39-01 Survey, plat, and estimate made by city engineer
40-39-02 Taking private property by purchase or eminent domain ‑ Special assessments levied ‑ Limitation on general tax
40-39-03 Grades of streets, alleys, and sidewalks ‑ Established ‑ Record ‑ Changing ‑ Liability
40-39-04 Vacation of streets and alleys where sewers, water mains, pipes, and lines located ‑ Conditions
40-39-05 Petition for vacation of streets, alleys, or public grounds ‑ Contents ‑ Verification
40-39-06 Petition filed with city auditor ‑ Notice published ‑ Contents of notice
40-39-07 Hearing on petition ‑ Passage of resolution declaring vacation by governing body
40-39-08 Resolution to be published, filed, and recorded ‑ Effect
40-39-09 Expenses for vacating streets, alleys, and public ways ‑ Deposit required
40-39-10 Aggrieved person may appeal to district court