North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-43

Payment and Compromise of Judgments

Section Section Name
40-43-01 Judgment or a settlement of a claim against municipality ‑ Additional tax levied
40-43-02 Compromise of judgments against municipalities ‑ Tax levy to pay reduced judgment ‑ Tax limitations not applicable
40-43-03 Negotiable bearer bonds may be issued to pay compromised amount
40-43-04 Levy of tax to pay principal and interest of bonds ‑ Duty of county auditor
40-43-05 Funding compromised judgment for negligence based on special assessment warrants ‑ Subrogation rights of municipality
40-43-06 Purpose of judgment funding provisions
40-43-07 Political subdivisions authorized to carry liability insurance ‑ Waiver of immunity to extent only of insurance purchased