North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-44

Civil Service in Cities

Section Section Name
40-44-01 Cities of certain population may adopt civil service system
40-44-02 Failure or refusal of city to adopt civil service ‑ Petition ‑ Election held
40-44-03 Form of ballot to be used in voting upon adoption of civil service system ‑ Vote required to adopt
40-44-04 Civil service commission or commissioner ‑ Delegation of powers to ‑ When rules and regulations effective
40-44-05 Terms of members of commission or of commissioner ‑ Clerk ‑ Vacancies
40-44-06 Compensations and expenses of members of commission or of commissioner
40-44-07 Purpose and intent of chapter ‑ Types of systems that may be set up
40-44-08 Ordinance creating civil service system ‑ What to be included ‑ Departments automatically included
40-44-09 Ordinance providing for civil service shall prohibit political activities of persons under system
40-44-10 Contracting with other municipalities and state departments for conduct of competitive examinations
40-44-11 Change of form of government in city which has adopted a civil service system ‑ Effect
40-44-12 Abandonment of civil service system ‑ Election ‑ Form of ballot ‑ Removal of department or employee from civil service
40-44-13 Penalty for violation of chapter