North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-46

Employees' Pensions in Cities

Section Section Name
40-46-01 Adoption of employees' pension plan ‑ Exclusion of police and members of firefighters relief associations
40-46-02 Tax levy for city employees' pension fund authorized ‑ Limitations
40-46-02.1 Tax levy for city employees' pension plan authorized ‑ Limitations
40-46-03 Tax levy may be discontinued when fund sufficient
40-46-04 Membership fees and assessments
40-46-05 City employees' pension fund ‑ How established
40-46-06 Board of trustees ‑ Management of pension fund ‑ What constitutes ‑ Officers ‑ Bond of auditor ‑ Compensation
40-46-07 Acceptance of money and property by the board
40-46-08 Investment of surplus in fund ‑ Limitations
40-46-09 Who may be retired on pension ‑ Amount paid to retiring employee
40-46-09.1 Credit for service as employee of recreation commission
40-46-09.2 Purchase of legislative service credit
40-46-10 Eligibility for retirement because of disability
40-46-11 Period of service spent in armed forces included as service to city
40-46-12 Assignment of retired employees to light duties in work of city
40-46-13 Payments to spouse, children, and surviving parents upon death of active or retired member
40-46-14 Definitions for benefit purposes
40-46-15 Employees of city retire upon request of executive officer
40-46-16 Right of retirement once acquired cannot be lost
40-46-17 Insufficiency of pension fund to meet withdrawals ‑ Apportioning contents of fund to pensioned persons
40-46-18 Re-examination of retired member physically or mentally disabled ‑ Notice ‑ Witnesses
40-46-19 Decision on re-examination is final ‑ Exception
40-46-20 Employee entitled to refund from fund or partial retirement upon termination of employment with city
40-46-21 Warrants on pension fund ‑ Treasurer's report ‑ Contents
40-46-22 Pensions not subject to assignment, debts, execution, or other process
40-46-23 Question of continuance of employees' pension plan
40-46-24 Form of ballot to be used at election
40-46-25 Procedure upon discontinuance of employees' pension or police pension plan
40-46-26 City provision of employee federal social security plan
40-46-27 Pension cost of living increase
40-46-28 Pension cost of living decrease