North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-47

City Zoning

Section Section Name
40-47-01 Cities may zone ‑ Application of regulations
40-47-01.1 Extraterritorial zoning ‑ Mediation ‑ Determination by administrative law judge ‑ Definition
40-47-01.2 Agreements to not oppose annexation void
40-47-01.3 Extraterritorial zoning ‑ Limitation
40-47-02 Division of city into districts to carry out regulations
40-47-03 Regulation for zoning made for what purposes
40-47-04 Determining and enforcing regulations ‑ Public hearing and notice thereof ‑ Publication of regulations, restrictions, and boundaries
40-47-05 Amendments to or repeals of zoning regulations ‑ Protest ‑ Required vote for passage
40-47-06 Zoning commission ‑ Appointment ‑ Duties ‑ Preliminary and final report
40-47-07 Board of adjustment ‑ Members ‑ Term ‑ Hear and decide appeals and review orders
40-47-08 Appeal to board of adjustment ‑ Taking ‑ Filing ‑ Time ‑ Transmitting record
40-47-09 Hearing of appeal by board of adjustment ‑ Notice ‑ Authority of board ‑ Items taken into consideration by board
40-47-10 Effect of appeal to board of adjustment ‑ Restraining order
40-47-11 Determination of board of adjustment reviewable
40-47-12 Instituting action to restrain, correct, or abate violations
40-47-13 Conflict between regulations adopted under this chapter and other laws, ordinances, or regulations