North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-49

Parks and Park Districts

Section Section Name
40-49-01 Municipalities may acquire real estate for parks or public grounds by gift, devise, or conveyance ‑ Extension of police power
40-49-02 Cities may take advantage of chapter ‑ Vote required ‑ How taken
40-49-03 Ordinance required to create park districts ‑ Territory embraced to be park district
40-49-04 Designation of park district ‑ General powers ‑ Park defined
40-49-05 Board of park commissioners in city ‑ Terms
40-49-06 Board of park commissioners in villages ‑ Term ‑ Term on first board
40-49-07 Election and qualification of members of board of park commissioners
40-49-07.1 Change in number of park commissioners ‑ Election
40-49-07.2 Dissolution of city park district ‑ Election
40-49-08 Organization of board of park commissioners ‑ City auditor to act as treasurer of board or board to appoint clerk
40-49-09 Vacancies ‑ How filled ‑ Removal of residence creates vacancy
40-49-10 Members of board of park commissioners may receive compensation ‑ Interest in contracts restricted
40-49-11 Regular and special meetings of the board of park commissioners ‑ Procedure
40-49-12 Powers of the board of park commissioners
40-49-13 Ordinances ‑ Powers exercised by ‑ Readings ‑ Adopting ‑ Approving ‑ Publication ‑ Enacting clause
40-49-14 When yea and nay vote taken ‑ Awarding contracts ‑ Debt limit ‑ Bills, claims, and demands against board
40-49-15 Purchase of land by city park district on installment contract ‑ Conditions and limitations
40-49-16 City engineer is ex officio engineer and surveyor for board of park commissioners
40-49-17 Jurisdiction to determine actions involving violations of ordinances of board of park commissioners
40-49-18 General code provisions to govern park districts
40-49-19 Dissolution of village park district ‑ Petition for election ‑ Notice of election ‑ Order of dissolution
40-49-20 Park districts may adopt civil service systems
40-49-21 Park districts may provide for employees' pensions
40-49-22 Tax levy for park district employees' pension fund
40-49-23 Land transfers or abandonment
40-49-24 Park district authorized to collect user fees and issue evidences of indebtedness in anticipation of user fee revenues
40-49-25 Medal of honor monument