North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-50.1

Platting of Townsites

Section Section Name
40-50.1-01 Laying out townsites, additions, and subdivisions ‑ Survey and plat required ‑ Contents of plat
40-50.1-02 Monuments required for survey ‑ Destruction ‑ Penalty
40-50.1-03 Instruments of dedication ‑ Certifying and recording plat
40-50.1-04 Recording plat
40-50.1-05 Conveyance of land by noting or marking map or plat ‑ Status as general warranty ‑ Land for public use
40-50.1-06 Correction of plats ‑ Declaration of necessity by resolution ‑ Publication
40-50.1-07 Resolution declaring necessity for correcting plat ‑ Contents
40-50.1-08 Governing body to order work done after hearing objections
40-50.1-09 Requirements governing land surveyor in correcting plat or in replatting ‑ Affidavit and certification
40-50.1-10 Filing completed plat ‑ Publication of notice of completed plat
40-50.1-11 Resurveys to determine merits of objections
40-50.1-12 Acceptance or rejection of corrected plat ‑ Recording ‑ Effect of corrected plat
40-50.1-13 Assessment of costs of new plat ‑ Publication of assessments ‑ Approval of assessments
40-50.1-14 Notice of errors on recorded plat ‑ Certificate by original surveyor
40-50.1-15 Filing and recording of surveyor's certificate
40-50.1-16 Vacation of plat ‑ Before and after sale of lots ‑ Effect
40-50.1-17 Action by recorder