North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-55

Public Recreation System

Section Section Name
40-55-01 Definitions
40-55-02 Municipality, school, and park district recreation centers ‑ Appropriation
40-55-03 Providing and maintaining recreational facilities ‑ May be vested in an existing body ‑ Powers of body
40-55-04 Municipalities, school, or park districts may provide and establish joint recreation centers and facilities
40-55-05 Bonds may be issued providing for such facilities
40-55-06 Establishing recreation board or commission ‑ Members ‑ Terms ‑ Vacancy ‑ Compensation
40-55-07 Governing body, board, or commission may accept grants of real estate and money ‑ Conditions
40-55-08 Election to establish recreation system ‑ Funding
40-55-09 Voter‑approved levy authority for city public recreation system
40-55-10 Public recreation under this chapter deemed governmental subdivision function
40-55-11 Recreation centers or systems may be established as memorials