North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-57

Municipal Industrial Development Act

Section Section Name
40-57-01 Short title
40-57-02 Definitions
40-57-03 Powers of municipality
40-57-04 Resolution authorizing project and the issuance of revenue bonds ‑ Public notice and hearing ‑ No election required
40-57-04.1 Notice to competitors ‑ Authority to issue bonds limited if project would compete with existing enterprises
40-57-05 Approval of public officer not required
40-57-06 Certificate of convenience or necessity not required
40-57-07 Cost of project ‑ How determined
40-57-08 Excess revenues not to revert to general fund of municipality ‑ Exception
40-57-09 Provisions governing revenue bonds
40-57-09.1 Industrial development revenue bond guarantee program ‑ Bond issuance fee ‑ Appropriation
40-57-10 Sale of revenue bonds
40-57-11 Bonds and receipts or certificates issued pending preparation of bonds ‑ Negotiability
40-57-12 Validity of bonds
40-57-13 Bonds exempt from taxation ‑ Exception
40-57-14 Covenants that may be inserted in ordinance or resolution authorizing bonds
40-57-15 Liability of municipality for bonds ‑ Taxing power prohibited ‑ Bond not a lien
40-57-16 Remedies of bondholders in general
40-57-17 Exemptions from taxation
40-57-18 Construction
40-57-19 General obligation bonds ‑ Issuance ‑ Levy
40-57-19.1 Refunding bonds
40-57-19.2 Refunding bonds
40-57-20 Declaration and finding of public purpose