North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-58

Urban Renewal Law

Section Section Name
40-58-01 Short title
40-58-01.1 Definitions
40-58-02 Findings and declarations of necessity
40-58-03 Encouragement of private enterprise
40-58-04 Workable program
40-58-05 Finding of necessity by governing body
40-58-06 Preparation, adoption, and revision of development or renewal plans
40-58-07 Powers
40-58-08 Eminent domain
40-58-09 Disposal of property in development or renewal area
40-58-10 Issuance of bonds
40-58-11 Bonds as legal investments
40-58-12 Property exempt from taxes and from levy and sale by virtue of an execution
40-58-13 Cooperation by public bodies
40-58-14 Title of purchaser
40-58-15 Exercise of urban renewal project powers
40-58-16 Urban renewal agency
40-58-17 Interested public officials, commissioners, or employees
40-58-18 Ordinances relating to repair, closing, and demolition of dwellings unfit for human habitation
40-58-19 Definitions
40-58-20 Tax increment financing
40-58-20.1 Use of tax increment financing for the development of certain industrial or commercial property ‑ Public hearing ‑ Eligible costs of development
40-58-20.2 Tax increment financing proposal ‑ Public hearing ‑ Invitation to representatives of affected taxing districts
40-58-20.3 Tax increment financing reports