North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-04.1

Condominium Ownership of Real Property

Section Section Name
47-04.1-01 Definitions
47-04.1-02 Recording of declaration to submit property to a project
47-04.1-03 Contents of declaration
47-04.1-04 Declaration of restrictions
47-04.1-05 Reference to declaration for description of unit and common elements
47-04.1-06 Incidents of a condominium grant
47-04.1-07 Administration ‑ Bylaws ‑ Rules and regulations
47-04.1-08 Compliance with covenants, bylaws, and administrative provisions
47-04.1-09 Partition not available ‑ Exceptions
47-04.1-10 Withdrawal of property from project ‑ Recording ‑ Subsequent project
47-04.1-11 Liens against units for common expenses ‑ Removal from lien ‑ Effect of part payment
47-04.1-12 Other liens ‑ Removal from ‑ Part payment
47-04.1-13 Real property tax and special assessments ‑ Levy on each unit
47-04.1-14 Covenant, declaration, bylaw, or other rule may not prohibit display of political signs
47-04.1-15 Approval by lender of amendment