North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-04

Estates in Real Property

Section Section Name
47-04-01 Jurisdiction ‑ State laws
47-04-02 Classification of estates as to duration
47-04-03 Estates ‑ Classification and definition
47-04-04 Estate in fee defined
47-04-05 Estates tail abolished ‑ Declared fees
47-04-06 Fee tail valid as contingent limitation upon a fee
47-04-07 Estate for life is freehold
47-04-08 Future estate limited
47-04-09 Reversion defined
47-04-10 Remainder defined
47-04-11 Limitation of suspension of absolute ownership
47-04-12 Trust ‑ Suspension of power to alienate the same
47-04-13 Contingent remainder created on prior remainder ‑ Effect
47-04-14 Creation of estate ‑ Limitation
47-04-15 Life estates ‑ Successive limitations
47-04-16 Remainder upon successive life estates
47-04-17 Contingent remainder on term of years ‑ Limitation
47-04-18 Life estate ‑ Limitation on term of years
47-04-19 Remainder limited on contingency
47-04-20 Remainder limited to heirs of body of life tenant ‑ Rule in Shelley's Case abolished
47-04-21 Remainder limited on estate for life or years ‑ When effective
47-04-22 Estate in fee, remainder, or reversion ‑ Right of action
47-04-23 Effect of unexecuted power
47-04-24 Covenants running with the land defined
47-04-25 Covenants running with the land
47-04-25.1 Modification of covenants running with the land
47-04-26 Covenants running with the land ‑ Classification
47-04-27 Covenants ‑ Limitation to designated assigns
47-04-28 Covenants running with the land ‑ Owner of entire estate bound
47-04-29 Covenants running with the land ‑ Liability as holder only
47-04-30 Covenants running with the land ‑ Apportionment of benefit or burden
47-04-31 Highways, railways, or rights of way ‑ Covenants of warranty
47-04-32 Covenant may not prohibit display of political signs