North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-08

Accession to Personal Property

Section Section Name
47-08-01 Things inseparably united
47-08-02 Principal part defined
47-08-03 Materials of different owners united by labor of one ‑ Inseparable without inconvenience ‑ Common ownership
47-08-04 Material of several owners ‑ Admixture without consent of the same ‑ Ownership ‑ Determination
47-08-05 Thing made from another's materials
47-08-06 Willful uniting material without consent ‑ Nonconsenting owner entitled to product ‑ Limitation
47-08-07 Union of material ‑ Right to restitution or value by nonconsenting owner
47-08-08 Damages ‑ Liability of person uniting materials of another