North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-16

Leasing of Real Property

Section Section Name
47-16-01 Leasing of real property ‑ Definition
47-16-02 Limitations on leases
47-16-02.1 Rent controls ‑ Prohibited
47-16-03 Filing farm lease containing reservation of title to crop ‑ Waiver of rights on failure to file
47-16-04 Products during lease belong to lessee ‑ Exception
47-16-05 Lease of realty presumed for one year
47-16-06 When a lease is presumed renewed
47-16-06.1 Automatic renewal of leases of residential real property ‑ When notice required
47-16-07 Leases ‑ Notice by landlord to change terms ‑ When effective
47-16-07.1 Real property and dwelling security deposits ‑ Limitations and requirements
47-16-07.2 Statement detailing condition of premises to accompany rental agreement
47-16-07.3 When landlord may enter apartment
47-16-07.4 Fraudulent misrepresentations ‑ Receipt of security deposit
47-16-07.5 Disability documentation for service or assistance animal in rental dwelling
47-16-07.6 Service animals ‑ Housing ‑ Penalties for furnishing fraudulent disability documentation
47-16-08 Quiet possession of leased property
47-16-09 Ordinary care must be exercised by lessee
47-16-10 Injuries to real property ‑ Must be repaired by lessee
47-16-11 Use of real property for purpose leased ‑ Violation
47-16-12 Obligations of lessor to repair dwelling
47-16-13 When lessee may repair or vacate premises
47-16-13.1 Landlord obligations ‑ Maintenance of premises
47-16-13.2 Tenant obligations ‑ Maintenance of dwelling unit
47-16-13.3 Unconscionability
47-16-13.4 Remedy after termination
47-16-13.5 Mitigation of damages
47-16-13.6 Enforcement of sections 47‑16‑13.1 through 47‑16‑13.6
47-16-13.7 Eviction ‑ Lessee liable for rent during term of lease
47-16-14 When a lease of real property terminates
47-16-15 Notice of termination of lease
47-16-16 When lessor may terminate lease
47-16-17 When lessee may terminate lease
47-16-17.1 Termination due to domestic abuse
47-16-18 When lease of real property is terminated by death
47-16-19 Term of lease governed by manner of payment of rent
47-16-20 Rents ‑ When payable
47-16-21 When proportionate part of lease paid by lessee
47-16-22 Rent due upon lease for life ‑ Recovery
47-16-23 Rent dependent on life of person ‑ Collection after death
47-16-24 Lessee must give written notice before removal of property from premises
47-16-25 Notice of adverse proceedings to landlord
47-16-26 Double letting of room prohibited
47-16-27 Right of tenant
47-16-28 Succession to rights in real property or rent transfers
47-16-29 Remedies against assignees of lessor
47-16-30 Remedies against assignees of lessee
47-16-30.1 Abandoned property ‑ Disposal by lessor
47-16-31 Gas and oil lease cancellation ‑ When owner makes application
47-16-32 Application for cancellation of gas and oil lease ‑ Contents
47-16-33 Notice of cancellation issued by recorder upon filing application
47-16-34 Appearance in district court ‑ Lessee or assignee
47-16-35 No appearance in district court ‑ Lessee or assignee
47-16-36 Duty of lessee to have terminated or forfeited lease released ‑ Publication notice ‑ Satisfaction of lease to be recorded ‑ Notice to real property owner ‑ Remedies
47-16-37 Action to obtain release ‑ Damages, costs, and attorney's fees ‑ Attachment
47-16-38 Surrender of lease by lessee
47-16-39 Record of surrender
47-16-39.1 Obligation to pay royalties ‑ Breach
47-16-39.2 Inspection of production and royalty payment records ‑ Penalty
47-16-39.3 Division orders ‑ Definition, function, and operation
47-16-39.4 Resolution of spacing unit ownership interest disputes
47-16-40 Record of lease as notice for definite term ‑ Extension upon contingency ‑ Affidavit
47-16-41 Demand for release before bringing action ‑ Evidence
47-16-42 Wind energy leases ‑ Termination