North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-18


Section Section Name
47-18-01 Homestead exemption ‑ Area and value
47-18-02 Head of family defined
47-18-03 Selection of homestead exemption
47-18-04 When homestead subject to execution
47-18-05 Homestead ‑ How conveyed
47-18-05.1 Waiver of homestead exemption ‑ Notice required ‑ Exemption for platted property
47-18-06 Homestead ‑ When appraised
47-18-07 Application for appraisers
47-18-08 Petition for appraisal ‑ When filed
47-18-09 Appointment of appraisers
47-18-10 Duties of appraisers
47-18-11 Appraisers' report to judge of district court
47-18-12 Division of homestead
47-18-13 Sale of homestead
47-18-14 Proceeds of sale exempt ‑ Disposition
47-18-15 Fees of appraisers
47-18-16 Proceeds of sale exempt
47-18-17 Who may make declaration of homestead
47-18-18 Declaration of homestead ‑ How executed and acknowledged
47-18-19 Contents of declaration of homestead
47-18-20 Recording of declaration of homestead
47-18-21 Effect of sale of homestead
47-18-22 Conveyance in case of mental illness
47-18-23 Requisites of a petition in case of mental illness
47-18-24 Notice of application to convey homestead in case of mental illness ‑ Service
47-18-25 Order of sale or mortgage recorded with recorder
47-18-26 Sale of homestead ‑ Court may direct disposition of funds
47-18-27 Conveyance of homestead when spouse is mentally ill ‑ Validity
47-18-28 Appeal from order to district court
47-18-29 Homestead may be devised subject to homestead estate