North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-19

Record Title

Section Section Name
47-19-01 Instruments entitled to record
47-19-02 Instruments entitled to record without acknowledgment
47-19-03 Prerequisites to recording instruments
47-19-03.1 Deeds and contracts for deeds to include name and address of drafter of legal description
47-19-04 Recording of transfers by mortgage
47-19-05 Recording of deed ‑ Post‑office and street address of grantee must be shown
47-19-06 Death certificates ‑ Joint tenant ‑ Prima facie evidence of termination of estate held
47-19-07 Place for recording instruments ‑ Fee endorsed
47-19-08 When instrument is deemed recorded
47-19-09 Recording instruments in unorganized counties
47-19-10 Separate records for grants and mortgages
47-19-11 Chain of title ‑ Variations in spelling ‑ Affidavit to cure
47-19-12 Affidavit entitled to record
47-19-13 Acknowledgment and proof ‑ Persons authorized to make ‑ Statewide jurisdiction
47-19-14 Acknowledgment and proof ‑ Limited to district of officer
47-19-14.1 Recognition of notarial acts
47-19-14.2 Authentication of authority of officer
47-19-14.3 Certificate of person taking acknowledgment
47-19-14.4 Recognition of certificate of acknowledgment
47-19-14.5 Certificate of acknowledgment
47-19-14.6 Short forms of acknowledgment
47-19-14.7 Prior acknowledgments not affected
47-19-14.8 Short title
47-19-15 Acknowledgment and proof without state but within United States ‑ Officers qualified
47-19-16 Acknowledgment and proof ‑ Without the United States ‑ Officers qualified
47-19-17 Acknowledgment and proof before commissioned officer of armed forces ‑ Conditions
47-19-17.1 Persons authorized to administer oaths and take acknowledgments
47-19-17.2 Validating certain oaths and acknowledgments
47-19-18 Deputies may take acknowledgments
47-19-19 Effect of recording
47-19-20 Identity of person acknowledging ‑ Proof required
47-19-21 Proof of an unacknowledged instrument ‑ Method
47-19-22 Knowledge required by officer of subscribing witness in taking proof
47-19-23 Proof by handwriting ‑ When received ‑ Requirements
47-19-24 Proof by handwriting ‑ Facts required
47-19-25 Certificate of proof ‑ Contents
47-19-26 Certificate of acknowledgment ‑ Forms
47-19-27 General certificate of acknowledgment
47-19-28 Certificate of acknowledgment executed by a corporation
47-19-28.1 Certificate of acknowledgment executed by a limited liability company
47-19-29 Certificate of acknowledgment by an attorney in fact
47-19-30 Certificate of acknowledgment by deputy sheriff
47-19-31 Certificate of acknowledgment before commissioned officer of armed forces
47-19-32 Certification of acknowledgments or proof of instruments ‑ Officer's certificate ‑ How authenticated
47-19-33 Prohibition on self‑interested individuals from proving documents
47-19-34 Proof and acknowledgment of instruments as to corporations and limited liability companies
47-19-35 Persons authorized to take acknowledgments and affidavits
47-19-36 Authority of officers in taking proof
47-19-37 Acknowledgment before county judge ‑ Certificate of clerk of court
47-19-38 Action to correct certificate of acknowledgment
47-19-39 Action to prove certificate of acknowledgment
47-19-40 What entitles judgment to record
47-19-41 Effect of not recording ‑ Priority of first record ‑ Constructive notice ‑ Limitation and validation
47-19-42 Conveyance defined
47-19-42.1 Validity of conveyance by trust or estate
47-19-43 Purchaser defined
47-19-44 Requisites of instrument to revoke power to convey
47-19-45 Record ‑ Constructive notice of execution ‑ Instruments recorded admissible in evidence without further proof
47-19-46 Unrecorded instrument valid between parties ‑ Knowledge of instruments out of chain of title
47-19-47 Registration of farm names authorized ‑ Certificate
47-19-48 Transfer of farm may include registered name
47-19-49 Cancellation of registered name
47-19-50 Filing bill of sale ‑ Prerequisites
47-19-51 Filing of bill of sale or other instrument ‑ Notice
47-19-52 Bill of sale ‑ Release ‑ Cancellation by recorder
47-19-53 Recording petition, decree of adjudication, or order approving trustee's bond in bankruptcy proceeding
47-19-54 Sale of real property by contract for deed ‑ Effect on joint tenants
47-19-55 Authority of North Dakota notaries in other states
47-19-56 Corporate change noted in assignment, satisfaction, or release
47-19-57 Authority of mortgagee designated as nominee or agent ‑ Retroactive application