North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-21


Section Section Name
47-21-01 Definitions
47-21-02 Music or dramatico‑musical compositions ‑ Disposing of performing rights ‑ Prerequisites
47-21-03 Copies of performing rights ‑ To be secured from state treasurer
47-21-04 Owners combining to issue blanket license for public performance ‑ Legality
47-21-05 Blanket license ‑ File copy and affidavit with state treasurer
47-21-06 Service of process on state treasurer ‑ Authorization by owner of performing rights
47-21-07 Persons entitled to maintain action ‑ Evidence admissible
47-21-08 Tax levied on selling and licensing performing rights of music or dramatico‑musical compositions ‑ Payable to state tax commissioner
47-21-08.1 Administration
47-21-09 Public performance of composition for profit ‑ Consent of owner necessary
47-21-10 Obligation of contract or license ‑ Impairment
47-21-11 Copyrights ‑ Violation of provisions ‑ Penalty