North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 47-26

Partition Fences

Section Section Name
47-26-01 Definition of legal fence
47-26-02 Fence viewers
47-26-03 Fence viewers taken from each township when a fence is on line between two townships
47-26-04 Fees of fence viewers
47-26-05 Partition fences ‑ Maintained by occupants and owners of land ‑ Partition fence exceeding legal fence
47-26-06 Fences to be kept in repair throughout the year
47-26-07 Fence viewers may order partition fence maintained
47-26-08 Person rebuilding or repairing fence may recover expenses
47-26-09 Fence viewers to settle controversy as to rights in fence and duty to maintain
47-26-10 Party erecting all or more than just share of partition fence may recover
47-26-11 Application to fence viewers to settle controversy when land is bounded by river or pond
47-26-12 Determination of fence viewers when land bounded by water ‑ Notice ‑ Liability of delinquent party
47-26-13 Partition fence erected in body of water erected in equal shares
47-26-14 Fencing of lands owned by different persons in severalty but occupied in common
47-26-15 When partition fence removable
47-26-16 Owner of unenclosed lands to pay value of fence when land is enclosed
47-26-17 If owner determines not to fence land, notice to adjacent landowners ‑ Removal of partition fence
47-26-18 Division of fences valid against parties to agreement and their heirs and assigns
47-26-19 Fence viewers neglecting to perform duty ‑ Penalty
47-26-20 Duty to maintain partition fence when lands enclosed for pasturage or grazing