North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-09

Acquiring and Transferring Utility Property

Section Section Name
49-09-01 Right of way through state lands ‑ Conditions
49-09-02 School lands to be taken at appraised value
49-09-03 How right of way obtained from board of university and school lands
49-09-04 When right of way reverts to state
49-09-04.1 Abandonment of railway lines ‑ Public service commission authority ‑ Trust agreement ‑ Term ‑ Reversion of property
49-09-04.2 Abandoned railroad right of way ‑ Sale ‑ Priority of purchasers
49-09-04.3 Abandoned railway lines ‑ Removal of abandoned materials ‑ Charge by city, county, or state
49-09-04.4 Railroad abandonment ‑ Records to be open to commission
49-09-05 Securing right of way over land of decedent or ward
49-09-06 Petition for right of way over land of decedent or ward
49-09-07 County court to approve petition for right of way over land of decedent or ward ‑ Conveyance
49-09-08 Trust deeds and mortgages of railroad property
49-09-09 Sale under trust deed or upon mortgage foreclosure
49-09-10 Title acquired under sale
49-09-10.1 Identification of railroad rights of way ‑ Duties of commission
49-09-10.2 Identification of right of way to be acquired, leased, or transferred
49-09-11 Compensation for another railroad's property ‑ Determined according to law of eminent domain
49-09-11.1 Negotiations for reopening of railway line ‑ Railroad intending to abandon line
49-09-11.2 Negotiations for reopening of railway line ‑ Railroad abandoning line
49-09-11.3 Negotiations for sale, transfer, or lease of railroad property ‑ Public service commission authority
49-09-11.4 Commission's authority in public interest ‑ Cooperation with other states
49-09-11.5 Interstate commerce commission certificate
49-09-11.6 Public service commission authorized to conduct periodic meetings concerning future operation of railroads
49-09-11.7 Rules for enforcement
49-09-12 Sale of railroad equipment under security agreement ‑ How property marked
49-09-13 Conditional sale contract ‑ Filing ‑ Marking property
49-09-14 Utility property transfers filed with secretary of state
49-09-15 Conveyance of real property other than right of way ‑ Recording
49-09-16 Right of way ‑ Telecommunications ‑ Electric light ‑ Gas and oil pipeline systems