North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-10.1

Railroad Regulation by Public Service Commission

Section Section Name
49-10.1-01 Authority of public service commission
49-10.1-02 Public policy concerning the regulation of railroads
49-10.1-03 Regulatory powers
49-10.1-04 Equipment distribution
49-10.1-05 Railroad police
49-10.1-06 Loading platforms
49-10.1-07 Spur tracks
49-10.1-08 Tampering, altering, or damaging railroad property ‑ Penalty
49-10.1-09 Shipment of livestock
49-10.1-10 Use of railroad tracks for highway purposes ‑ Penalty
49-10.1-11 Minor excluded from railroad property ‑ Exception
49-10.1-12 Trespassing and stealing rides on cars, engines, and trains ‑ Penalty
49-10.1-13 Clearance required for tracks
49-10.1-14 Commission may adopt and enforce safety rules
49-10.1-15 Semimonthly pay to railroad employees
49-10.1-16 Intoxicated engineer or conductor ‑ Penalty
49-10.1-17 Agreements to restore Amtrak service
49-10.1-18 Determination of train speeds
49-10.1-19 Critical incident stress debriefing policy
49-10.1-20 Accident report
49-10.1-21 Railroad crossing determination
49-10.1-22 Railroad training program