North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 51-04

Transient Merchants

Section Section Name
51-04-01 Definitions
51-04-02 Application for license
51-04-02.1 Application to attorney general for license
51-04-03 License fee ‑ Bond or cash surety ‑ License issuance
51-04-03.1 License to be carried by licensee and exhibited on demand
51-04-04 Affidavit required for certain sales
51-04-05 Failure of affidavit
51-04-06 Evidence
51-04-07 Service of process ‑ Appointment of agent
51-04-08 Certain excepted sales
51-04-08.1 Exceptions to requirement of a transient merchant's license
51-04-09 Regulation by city or other municipality
51-04-10 Penalty