North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 51-07

Miscellaneous Provisions

Section Section Name
51-07-00.1 Definitions
51-07-01 Retail farm implement; lawn and garden equipment; or vehicle dealer may recover price of merchandise upon discontinuance of contract by wholesaler or retail dealer
51-07-01.1 Termination of retail contract to be done in good faith ‑ Definition of good cause
51-07-01.2 Prohibited practices under farm equipment dealership contracts
51-07-02 Prices of implements, machinery, automobiles, and parts ‑ How determined
51-07-02.1 Change in automobile or truck franchise agreement ‑ Notification requirements
51-07-02.2 Dealership transfers
51-07-02.3 Prohibited acts
51-07-02.4 Warranty and incentive claims
51-07-03 Failure to pay sum specified on cancellation of contract ‑ Liability
51-07-04 Selling goods bearing counterfeit trademark ‑ Penalty
51-07-04.1 Defacing, destroying, or altering serial numbers on farm machinery ‑ Penalty
51-07-05 Goods defined
51-07-06 Money warranted genuine on exchange of money
51-07-07 Reasonable time to discover defects in engine or machinery ‑ Rescinding contract ‑ When contract void
51-07-08 Manufacturers of tractors, engines, farm machinery, and automobiles, firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers, to maintain supply depot in state ‑ Penalty
51-07-09 Waiving, releasing, or barring of claim for relief before it actually has accrued prohibited
51-07-10 Conditional sales must be in writing and filed
51-07-11 Property sold under conditional sale contract not attached, repossessed, or acquired until taxes paid
51-07-12 Automobile sales finance contracts ‑ Information of insurance protection to be given ‑ Warning required ‑ Penalty
51-07-13 Labeling imported meats sold ‑ Penalty
51-07-14 Maximum amount of service charge which wholesalers and manufacturers may charge on overdue accounts
51-07-15 Use of electronic or magnetic scanners in retail foodstores ‑ Item pricing required ‑ Exceptions ‑ Penalty
51-07-16 Definitions
51-07-17 Duty of manufacturer to repair defective passenger motor vehicles
51-07-18 Duty to replace defective passenger motor vehicle or refund price ‑ Prerequisite of using available informal dispute settlement process
51-07-18.1 Refunds for leased passenger motor vehicles
51-07-19 Presumptions
51-07-20 Exclusive remedy
51-07-21 Limitation of actions
51-07-22 Resale of returned passenger motor vehicles ‑ Penalty
51-07-23 Unsolicited telefacsimile advertising
51-07-24 Insurance claims for excessive charges ‑ Penalty
51-07-25 Motor vehicle fuel franchise agreements
51-07-26 Succession to ownership of an automobile, truck, or farm equipment dealership
51-07-26.1 Refusal to honor succession
51-07-27 Restrictions on electronically printed credit card receipts ‑ Penalty
51-07-28 Recording devices on motor vehicles ‑ Disclosure ‑ Removal
51-07-28.1 Tracking devices on motor vehicles ‑ Disclosure ‑ Removal ‑ Penalty
51-07-29 Warranty work compensation
51-07-30 Customer contract clauses ‑ Billing examples ‑ Enforcement ‑ Penalty
51-07-31 Parts, equipment, and accessory dealers reimbursed for warranty repair