North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 51-10

Unfair Trade Practices Law

Section Section Name
51-10-01 Definitions
51-10-02 Items advertised, offered for sale, or sold with other items at a combined price ‑ Regulations governing
51-10-03 Unfair advertising, offer to sell, or sale
51-10-04 Schemes or devices included within sales below cost
51-10-05 Advertising, offering, or selling article at less than cost ‑ Penalty
51-10-05.1 Powers of attorney general
51-10-05.2 Subpoena ‑ Hearing ‑ Rules
51-10-05.3 Failure to display information or obey subpoena
51-10-06 Injunctional relief may be had in addition to other penalties ‑ Duty to commence actions
51-10-07 Application of provisions of chapter
51-10-08 No immunity from self‑incrimination
51-10-09 Proof of intent ‑ Cost surveys
51-10-10 Procedure for establishing cost survey ‑ Hearing ‑ Notice
51-10-11 Hearings and investigations ‑ Contempts
51-10-12 North Dakota trade commission
51-10-13 Appointment and term of members
51-10-14 Retailer's license ‑ Penalty
51-10-15 Disbursement of funds