North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 53-06.1

Games of Chance

Section Section Name
53-06.1-01 Definitions
53-06.1-01.1 Gaming commission
53-06.1-01.2 Duty of attorney general to participate in certain hearings ‑ Employment of private counsel by commission
53-06.1-02 Organizations eligible ‑ Use of net proceeds
53-06.1-02.1 Waiver of two‑year active requirement ‑ Local permit
53-06.1-03 Permits, site authorization, and licenses ‑ Organization requirements ‑ Site inspection
53-06.1-03.1 Bingo sites ‑ Limit on rent
53-06.1-03.2 Twenty‑one sites ‑ Limit on rent
53-06.1-03.3 Pull tab sites ‑ Limit on rent
53-06.1-03.4 Electronic video gaming devices ‑ Limit on rent
53-06.1-04 College fraternities and sororities allowed to conduct raffles, sports pools, and bingo ‑ Use of proceeds
53-06.1-05 Local permit for educational organizations, college fraternities, and sororities for raffles, sports pools, and bingo
53-06.1-05.1 Regulation by city or county of number of twenty‑one tables per site and number of sites per licensed organization
53-06.1-06 Persons permitted to conduct games ‑ Equipment
53-06.1-06.1 Local work permits
53-06.1-07 Games allowed
53-06.1-07.1 Limitations on hours and participation
53-06.1-07.2 Poker
53-06.1-07.3 Calcuttas
53-06.1-07.4 Paddlewheels
53-06.1-08 Punchboards and pull tabs
53-06.1-08.1 Limitation on pull tab prizes
53-06.1-08.2 Electronic pull tab device requirements
53-06.1-09 Sports pools
53-06.1-10 Twenty‑one
53-06.1-10.1 Raffles
53-06.1-10.2 Electronic quick shot bingo
53-06.1-11 Gross proceeds ‑ Allowable expenses ‑ Rent limits
53-06.1-11.1 Restricted use of money in certain political activities ‑ Eligible uses of net proceeds
53-06.1-11.2 Charitable gaming operating fund ‑ Attorney general ‑ State treasurer ‑ Allocations ‑ Transfer to the general fund
53-06.1-12 Gaming tax ‑ Deposits (Retroactive application - See note)
53-06.1-12.1 Deposits
53-06.1-12.2 Pull tab excise tax
53-06.1-12.3 Interest, penalty, and estimated tax
53-06.1-12.4 Charitable gaming technology fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
53-06.1-13 Examination of books and records
53-06.1-13.1 Financial statements
53-06.1-14 Distributors and manufacturers
53-06.1-15 Form and display of license and local permit
53-06.1-15.1 Authority of the attorney general
53-06.1-15.2 Attorney general may bring civil action for collection of fees and tax and to force compliance
53-06.1-15.3 Exchange and secrecy of information regarding the internal revenue service
53-06.1-15.4 Conditional license ‑ Issuance
53-06.1-16 Violation of law or rule ‑ Fraudulent scheme or technique to cheat or skim unlawful ‑ Penalty
53-06.1-16.1 Bogus chips, marked cards, cheating devices, or fraudulent schemes unlawful ‑ Penalty
53-06.1-16.2 License suspension or revocation ‑ Ineligibility for local permit
53-06.1-17 Rules
53-06.1-18 Compulsive gambling prevention, awareness, crisis intervention, rehabilitation, and treatment services