North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-01

Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of State

Section Section Name
54-01-01 Original and ultimate title to all property in state
54-01-02 When property escheats
54-01-02.1 Unclaimed funds defined
54-01-02.2 Notice of unclaimed funds
54-01-02.3 Disposal of unclaimed funds
54-01-03 State may acquire property by taxation
54-01-04 State may acquire property by right of eminent domain
54-01-05 State may acquire property by eminent domain for state institution
54-01-05.1 State‑owned land ‑ How transferred
54-01-05.2 Sale of state‑owned land ‑ Notice
54-01-05.3 Attorney general to review bills providing for sale of land ‑ Commissioner of university and school lands to render opinion on land use
54-01-05.4 Impact analysis ‑ Governor to require
54-01-05.5 Bills authorizing sale or exchange of state‑owned land ‑ Written report ‑ Assessment
54-01-06 Jurisdiction over property in state ‑ Limitations
54-01-07 Legislative consent to purchase of lands by United States ‑ Jurisdiction
54-01-08 Jurisdiction ceded to lands acquired by United States for military post
54-01-09 Ceding to the United States exclusive jurisdiction over certain lands which are part of the Fort Lincoln military reservation
54-01-09.1 State offenses ‑ Concurrent jurisdiction ceded to the United States (Contingent effective date - See note)
54-01-09.2 Concurrent jurisdiction ‑ Vested upon acceptance
54-01-09.3 Retrocession of jurisdiction ‑ Acceptance ‑ Filing
54-01-10 State may accept military and Indian reservations
54-01-10.1 Acceptance of Fraine Barracks
54-01-11 Who has charge of property ceded by United States to state
54-01-12 Exchange of lands on Indian reservation between state and federal government
54-01-13 Exchange of lands on Fort Berthold reservation
54-01-13.1 Exchange of lands within Theodore Roosevelt National Park
54-01-13.2 Appraisal
54-01-13.3 Conveyance
54-01-14 Lease of land to northern great plains dairy station ‑ When to terminate
54-01-15 Acquisition of national forest lands by United States ‑ Jurisdiction of state over such lands
54-01-16 Power of Congress to make rules governing land acquired for national forests
54-01-17 Right of way over state lands
54-01-17.1 Granting easements to state‑owned land ‑ Procedure
54-01-17.2 North Dakota‑Saskatchewan‑Manitoba boundary advisory committee
54-01-18 All persons within the state subject to its jurisdiction and entitled to protection
54-01-19 Rights of state over persons enumerated
54-01-20 The people defined
54-01-21 Citizens defined
54-01-22 Persons not citizens
54-01-23 Duty of citizens ‑ Allegiance defined ‑ How renounced
54-01-24 Rights and duties of citizens not electors
54-01-25 Rights and duties of citizens of other states
54-01-26 Residence ‑ Rules for determining
54-01-27 Lease of state‑owned property
54-01-28 Northern plains national heritage area ‑ Use of state funds and property prohibited unless approved by legislative assembly
54-01-29 Prohibition on the purchase of certain real property and easements with public funds
54-01-29.1 Federal legislation encouraged to return lands and mineral rights to the state of North Dakota