North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-03

Legislative Assembly

Section Section Name
54-03-01 State legislative apportionment
54-03-01.1 Numbering legislative districts ‑ Classes of senators to provide staggered terms
54-03-01.2 Legislative subdistricting ‑ Methods
54-03-01.3 Election on petition ‑ Ballot form ‑ Vote required
54-03-01.4 Amendment to the Constitution of the United States ‑ Results
54-03-01.5 Legislative redistricting requirements
54-03-01.6 State legislative apportionment
54-03-01.7 State legislative apportionment
54-03-01.8 Staggering of the terms of senators
54-03-01.9 Legislative redistricting
54-03-01.10 Staggering of terms of representatives
54-03-01.11 Legislative redistricting
54-03-01.12 Legislative districts
54-03-01.13 Staggering of terms of members of the legislative assembly
54-03-01.14 Legislative districts
54-03-01.15 Staggering of terms of members of the legislative assembly
54-03-02 When legislative assembly meets
54-03-02.1 Definitions
54-03-02.2 Virtual session of the legislative management and legislative assembly during emergency or disaster
54-03-03 Secretary of senate and chief clerk of house to receive certifications and to make roll of members ‑ Certificates filed
54-03-04 Organizational session ‑ Calling to order ‑ Officers ‑ Term of office ‑ Officers and chairmen to remain in office during special session
54-03-05 Who to administer oath of office to members and officers of the legislative assembly
54-03-06 Chairman of committee may administer oath
54-03-07 Qualifications of members ‑ Each house to judge
54-03-08 Selection of officers and employees of legislative assembly
54-03-09 Oath of officers
54-03-10 Compensation of speaker, majority and minority leaders, assistant majority and minority leaders, committee chairmen, and employees
54-03-11 Payment of legislative costs and expenses ‑ President pro tempore of the senate and speaker of the house jointly approve vouchers
54-03-12 Duties of secretary of senate and chief clerk of house
54-03-13 Duties of secretary of senate and chief clerk of house after legislative session
54-03-14 Removal of officers or employees
54-03-15 Discharge of officers and employees
54-03-16 Legislative expense ‑ Appropriation
54-03-17 Punishment by each house for offenses
54-03-18 Penalty
54-03-19 Seal to be affixed to bills
54-03-19.1 Legislative compensation commission ‑ Appointment of members
54-03-19.2 Meetings ‑ Powers and duties ‑ Expenses
54-03-20 Compensation and expense reimbursement of members of the legislative assembly
54-03-20.1 Compensation for attending legislators
54-03-20.2 Creation of legislative compensation commission ‑ Appointment of members
54-03-20.3 Meetings ‑ Powers and duties ‑ Expenses
54-03-21 Conflict of interest ‑ Prohibition ‑ Misdemeanor
54-03-22 When party or attorney is member of legislative assembly
54-03-23 Century Code distributed to each legislator ‑ Retention
54-03-24 Administrative code
54-03-25 Bills and amendments affecting workforce safety and insurance fund ‑ Actuarial impact statement
54-03-26 Personal computers and associated software used by legislators ‑ Fee ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-03-27 Service in the legislative assembly ‑ Leave of absence from employment
54-03-28 Health insurance mandated coverage of services ‑ Cost‑benefit analysis requirement
54-03-29 Acceptance of gifts ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-03-30 Audio recording of floor sessions
54-03-31 Federal health care reform law
54-03-32 Review of presidential executive orders ‑ Restriction
54-03-33 Certification of delegates to United States convention of the states
54-03-34 Dynamic fiscal impact bill selection committee
54-03-35 Legacy fund ‑ Cost‑benefit analysis ‑ Legacy and budget stabilization fund advisory board ‑ State retirement and investment office ‑ Legislative management procedures