North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-06

General Provisions

Section Section Name
54-06-01 Definitions
54-06-02 State officers reside at capital
54-06-03 Report of state officers and boards
54-06-04 Form and number of reports to be submitted
54-06-04.1 State agencies, departments, and institutions charging fees shall make reports
54-06-04.2 Information to employees on state employee health and retirement and social security benefit program contributions and premiums paid by the state
54-06-04.3 Joint publication and distribution of information by state agencies ‑ Fees
54-06-05 Office of management and budget may condense report ‑ Number of copies of report
54-06-06 Salaries of state officers and employees ‑ Periodic payment
54-06-07 Salaries full compensation ‑ Fees paid over to state treasurer
54-06-08 Record of fees kept by state officers ‑ Report to state treasurer
54-06-08.1 Clearing accounts and cash balances maintained by state agencies
54-06-08.2 Payment by credit or debit card or by electronic fund transfer ‑ State credit card processor ‑ Fees
54-06-09 Mileage and travel expense of state officers and employees
54-06-09.1 Certification of unlawful expense and traveling account ‑ Penalty ‑ Action for violation
54-06-10 Out‑of‑state travel ‑ Authorization necessary
54-06-11 Amounts of bonds of state officers
54-06-12 Publishing false statements ‑ Penalty
54-06-13 Salary limitations suspended
54-06-14 Annual leave and sick leave for state employees
54-06-14.1 State leave sharing program
54-06-14.2 State sick leave sharing program
54-06-14.3 Disaster services, emergency medical services, and firefighter volunteers ‑ Leave
54-06-14.4 State employee leave for organ or bone marrow donation
54-06-14.5 Use of sick leave and annual leave - Birth or adoption - Family leave priority
54-06-14.6 Sick leave for consequences of domestic violence, a sex offense, stalking, or terrorizing
54-06-14.7 State leave sharing program ‑ Rulemaking
54-06-15 Failure of officials and employees working in capitol building to return keys upon termination of employment ‑ Duty of person in charge of employing unit ‑ Payment of fee in lieu of return ‑ Retention of final warrant for salary or wage
54-06-16 Minimum wage standards for employees of state
54-06-17 Certain rental‑purchase‑type agreements authorized
54-06-18 Director to authorize postage meters
54-06-19 Appointive boards, commissions, committees, and councils ‑ Gender balance
54-06-20 Indigent civil legal services fund ‑ Distribution ‑ Continuing appropriation ‑ Records
54-06-21 Public employee personnel records ‑ Administration ‑ Access
54-06-22 Crime victims' account ‑ Administration
54-06-23 Child care services provided by state agency or institution
54-06-24 State employee suggestion incentive program
54-06-24.1 Telecommuting incentive program for state employees
54-06-25 State employees compensation commission ‑ Appointment of members
54-06-26 Use of state telephones by state officials and employees
54-06-27 Emergency service volunteers ‑ Leave
54-06-28 Emergency service volunteers ‑ Temporary leave for firefighters, emergency radio operators, medical service providers, and civil air patrol
54-06-29 Expenses incurred to collect funds owed the state ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-06-30 State employee performance bonus program ‑ Criteria ‑ Limitations
54-06-31 State employee recruitment and retention bonus programs ‑ Criteria ‑ Limitations
54-06-32 State employee service awards
54-06-33 Employer‑paid tuition
54-06-34 Employer‑paid professional organization membership and service club dues
54-06-35 Expenditure made pursuant to rule or policy
54-06-36 Honor guard leave
54-06-37 Authorization to purchase or lease aircraft ‑ Legislative assembly or budget section approval ‑ Exception
54-06-38 Harassment policies