North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-07


Section Section Name
54-07-01 Powers and duties of governor
54-07-01.1 Emergency powers of the governor
54-07-01.2 Governor to have power to appoint majority of members of certain boards and commissions ‑ Limitations
54-07-01.3 Governor to coordinate conversion to metric system by executive branch
54-07-01.4 Office of management and budget to be designated or appointed as administering state agency
54-07-01.5 Governor to file bills with secretary of state
54-07-01.6 Governor to receive bills
54-07-02 Records kept by governor
54-07-03 Persons acting as governor ‑ Powers and duties
54-07-04 Salary of governor
54-07-05 Highway safety assent
54-07-06 Division of economic opportunity
54-07-07 Governor's prevention and advisory council duties ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-07-08 North Dakota youth council - Creation
54-07-09 Youth council chairman - Meetings
54-07-10 Youth council powers
54-07-11 Youth council duties
54-07-12 Theodore Roosevelt presidential library and museum endowment fund ‑ Continuing appropriation ‑ Budget section report