North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-11

State Treasurer

Section Section Name
54-11-01 Duties and powers of state treasurer
54-11-01.1 Bicentennial trust fund ‑ Created ‑ Expenditures
54-11-02 Monthly warrants turned over to office of management and budget
54-11-03 Warrants ‑ Redemption ‑ Duty of treasurer
54-11-04 Records of state treasurer
54-11-05 Books and blanks furnished by state to treasurer ‑ Kept as state records
54-11-06 Irregularities in books of treasurer ‑ Auditor to report to governor ‑ Temporary suspension of treasurer
54-11-07 Suspension of treasurer by governor ‑ Appointment
54-11-08 State bonds ‑ Registration
54-11-09 Registration of bonds vests ownership
54-11-10 Treasurer accountable for delinquencies
54-11-11 Purchase of warrants or accounts by state treasurer prohibited
54-11-12 Unlawful purchases by state treasurer ‑ Penalty
54-11-13 Salary of state treasurer
54-11-14 Official bond of state treasurer
54-11-15 Appointment of agents
54-11-16 Criminal history record checks