North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-12

Attorney General

Section Section Name
54-12-01 Attorney general ‑ Duties
54-12-01.1 Attorney general to publish eminent domain information
54-12-01.2 Regulation of gaming schools
54-12-01.3 Judicial officers ‑ Legal defense ‑ Indemnification
54-12-01.4 Limitation of effect of certain opinions of attorney general
54-12-02 Attorney general may institute action in which state is a party
54-12-03 Attorney general may make investigation in county ‑ How expenses paid
54-12-04 Attorney general to investigate and prosecute criminal matters in counties on demand of district judge ‑ How expenses paid
54-12-04.1 Attorney general to make investigation on Indian reservation ‑ Expenses
54-12-04.2 Child sexual abuse investigation and prosecution
54-12-05 Biennial report
54-12-06 Assistant attorneys general ‑ Attorney general may appoint
54-12-07 Salary of assistant attorneys general
54-12-08 Assistant and special assistant attorneys general ‑ Appointment ‑ Revocation ‑ Compensation
54-12-08.1 Contingent fee arrangements
54-12-09 Assistant attorney general for board of university and school lands ‑ Appointment ‑ Revocation ‑ Oath
54-12-09.1 Salary of assistant attorney general for board of university and school lands
54-12-10 Assistant attorney general for board of university and school lands ‑ Execution of certificates and documents
54-12-11 Salary of attorney general
54-12-12 Licensing department ‑ Inspectors ‑ Powers and duties
54-12-13 Special assistant attorneys general report of salaries and expenses
54-12-14 Assets forfeiture fund ‑ Created ‑ Purpose ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-12-14.1 Loans for law enforcement activities
54-12-15 Drug enforcement unit ‑ Personnel ‑ Duties
54-12-16 Powers of drug enforcement unit personnel
54-12-17 Consumer protection and antitrust division
54-12-18 Special fund established ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-12-19 Block house defined
54-12-20 Block house program
54-12-21 Recovery of funds ‑ Limitations
54-12-22 Accessibility of sexual offender and crimes against children registration information
54-12-23 Special operations team reimbursement fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-12-24 State crime laboratory division
54-12-24.1 Statewide sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system ‑ Exception
54-12-25 Attorney general may provide counsel to boards of health
54-12-26 Attorney general multijurisdictional drug task force grant fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-12-27 Twenty‑four seven sobriety program
54-12-28 Twenty‑four seven sobriety program guidelines, program fees, and records
54-12-28.1 Law enforcement acceptance of department of transportation action
54-12-29 Twenty‑four seven sobriety program fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-12-30 Twenty‑four seven sobriety program fees
54-12-31 Bond conditions
54-12-32 Blue alert notice system
54-12-33 Human trafficking commission
54-12-33.1 Human trafficking prevention training ‑ Exemptions ‑ Immunity ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-12-34 Criminal justice data information sharing system
54-12-35 Law enforcement officer tuition and fees waiver