North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-17.2

North Dakota Building Authority

Section Section Name
54-17.2-01 Definitions
54-17.2-02 Commission ‑ Evidence of indebtedness issuance
54-17.2-02.1 Evidences of indebtedness conditions ‑ Continued authority
54-17.2-02.2 Continuing appropriation
54-17.2-03 Powers
54-17.2-04 Purpose of commission
54-17.2-05 Transfer of state property to commission ‑ Services by state agencies
54-17.2-05.1 Lease of state property to commission ‑ Leaseback to state
54-17.2-06 Financing agreements with state agencies authorized ‑ Commencement of payments under financing agreements
54-17.2-07 Terms, conditions, and payment under financing agreements ‑ Automatic biennial extension provisions
54-17.2-08 State's option to purchase ‑ Conveyance on exercise of option
54-17.2-09 Insurance and credit enhancements added to payments
54-17.2-10 Appropriations and funds from which payments are payable ‑ Commission's power to use or sell facilities for other purposes on nonpayment
54-17.2-11 Costs and reserves to be covered by rent and charges or other payments
54-17.2-12 Tax exemption of commission's property
54-17.2-13 Resolutions for evidences of indebtedness authorized ‑ Maximum amount outstanding ‑ Legislative approval required
54-17.2-14 Purposes for which evidences of indebtedness issue ‑ Refunding and refinancing ‑ Pledge of income
54-17.2-15 Evidences of indebtedness authorized ‑ Interest rates ‑ Exemption from taxation ‑ Term
54-17.2-16 Revenues, appropriations, funds, and income from which evidences of indebtedness payable
54-17.2-17 Covenants and contracts with holders of evidences of indebtedness
54-17.2-18 Validity of signature by officers
54-17.2-19 Restrictions on obligation stated on face of evidences of indebtedness
54-17.2-20 Disposition of income ‑ Building authority fund
54-17.2-21 Allocation of sales, use, and motor vehicle excise tax revenues to capital construction fund
54-17.2-22 Capital construction account
54-17.2-23 State building authority lease payments ‑ Limitation