North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-17

Industrial Commission

Section Section Name
54-17-01 Industrial commission to manage industries of state and to act as a state housing finance agency
54-17-02 Industrial commission ‑ Members ‑ Quorum ‑ Meetings
54-17-03 Chairman and attorney ‑ Secretary ‑ Employees ‑ Compensation ‑ Bonds
54-17-04 Seal of commission
54-17-05 Orders of commission ‑ Approval by majority
54-17-06 Biennial report
54-17-07 Industries under the industrial commission ‑ Income on deposits and investments
54-17-07.1 Advisory board ‑ Rules
54-17-07.2 Definitions
54-17-07.3 Housing finance programs
54-17-07.4 Housing revenue bonds
54-17-07.5 State reallocation under the Mortgage Subsidy Bond Tax Act of 1980
54-17-07.6 Acceptance of grants, contributions, loans, or other aid
54-17-07.7 Terms of loans
54-17-07.8 Confidentiality of housing finance agency records
54-17-07.9 Execution of instruments
54-17-07.10 Housing acquisition program
54-17-07.11 Pledges
54-17-07.12 Housing finance agency as wholesale servicing mortgage lender
54-17-07.13 Criminal history record checks
54-17-08 Commission to make rules for its procedure ‑ General powers of commission
54-17-09 Industrial commission to determine place of business of industries ‑ Rules made by commission
54-17-10 Powers and duties of commission in operating industries
54-17-11 Manager and employees of industries ‑ Commission to appoint ‑ Compensation
54-17-12 Manager shall appoint necessary employees
54-17-13 Compensation of employees and expenditures remain within appropriation
54-17-14 Removal and discharge of appointees
54-17-15 Commission to fix prices of things bought and sold by industry
54-17-16 Investigation conducted by commission
54-17-17 Witnesses not excused from testifying ‑ Not subject to prosecution
54-17-18 Testimony transcribed and filed in office of commission ‑ Public record
54-17-19 Failure to testify or produce evidence ‑ Contempt
54-17-20 Bonds issued by commission
54-17-21 Commission authorized to acquire and dispose Riverdale sites, properties, and facilities
54-17-22 Commission authorized to act as planning agency of state and to negotiate and contract with federal housing administration
54-17-23 Commission authorized to apply for, receive, and disburse federal planning funds, and to establish separate planning account
54-17-24 State trusts created
54-17-25 Bonds authorized ‑ Establishment of secondary market program
54-17-26 Bonds eligible for investment ‑ Sale of bonds
54-17-27 Grant program for home weatherization programs
54-17-28 Application for grants
54-17-29 Commission loan guarantees for seller‑sponsored loans between landowners and beginning farmers
54-17-30 Procedure on default on guaranteed beginning farmer security loan
54-17-31 Establishment and maintenance of adequate guarantee funds ‑ Use of lands and minerals trust ‑ Appropriation
54-17-32 Resources trust fund ‑ Commission responsibilities
54-17-33 State trust created ‑ Agricultural mortgage secondary market
54-17-34 Definitions
54-17-34.1 Farm finance program
54-17-34.2 First‑time farmer participation
54-17-34.3 Financing
54-17-34.4 Policies
54-17-34.5 Financing exempt from taxation ‑ Exception
54-17-35 Governmental public purpose ‑ Electricity transmission export constraint priority
54-17-36 Lease of municipal waterworks and sewage systems
54-17-37 Tribal-state guaranty program - Continuing appropriation
54-17-38 Biomass incentive and research program
54-17-39 Biomass incentive and research fund
54-17-40 Housing incentive fund ‑ Continuing appropriation ‑ Report to budget section
54-17-41 Report
54-17-42 Report to legislative assembly or budget section on the fiscal impact of certain actions of the industrial commission