North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-18

North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association

Section Section Name
54-18-01 Definition
54-18-02 North Dakota mill and elevator association
54-18-03 Industrial commission to operate association ‑ Place of business ‑ Rules made by commission
54-18-04 Powers and duties of industrial commission in operating association
54-18-04.1 Marketing functions exempt from Securities Act
54-18-04.2 Confidentiality exemption
54-18-05 Manager and employees of association ‑ Industrial commission to appoint ‑ Compensation
54-18-06 Manager shall appoint necessary employees
54-18-07 Compensation of employees and expenditures remain within appropriation
54-18-08 Bonds of manager and employees
54-18-09 Removal and discharge of appointees
54-18-10 Industrial commission to fix price of things bought and sold by association
54-18-11 Name in which business conducted and titles taken ‑ Execution of written instruments
54-18-12 Civil actions on association transactions ‑ Names of parties ‑ Service ‑ Venue ‑ Statement filing provisions inapplicable
54-18-13 Capital of association
54-18-14 Annual audit of association
54-18-15 Additional audits
54-18-16 Contracts of association recognized ‑ Property to remain vested in state
54-18-17 Industrial commission to establish research and processing unit for soybeans and flaxseed
54-18-18 Contractor to be paid during progress of work ‑ Retainage ‑ Failure to pay ‑ Rate of interest ‑ Investment of retainage
54-18-19 Transfer of North Dakota mill and elevator profits to general fund
54-18-20 Gain‑sharing program
54-18-21 Annual transfer