North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-34

Economic Development

Section Section Name
54-34-01 Purpose of chapter
54-34-02 Appointment of director of the economic development commission
54-34-03 Economic development commission ‑ Membership ‑ Appointment and removal ‑ Expenses
54-34-03.1 Initial commission membership
54-34-04 Meeting and duties of commission
54-34-05 Appointment of special committees
54-34-05.1 Appointment of special committees
54-34-06 Duties of the director
54-34-06.1 Certain architects and engineers to be provided product listing of in‑state manufacturers
54-34-07 Director to receive all property of research foundation
54-34-08 Patents and profits
54-34-09 Office of economic opportunity
54-34-10 International marketing efforts of state agencies ‑ Legislative intent
54-34-11 Statement of purpose
54-34-12 Division of economic development and finance to establish venture capital network ‑ Duties and functions
54-34-13 Duties and functions of venture capital network
54-34-14 Limitations
54-34-15 Private sponsor