North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-40

Joint Exercise of Governmental Powers

Section Section Name
54-40-01 Agreement ‑ Exercise of joint powers ‑ Bonds
54-40-02 Agreement to state purpose
54-40-02.1 Building management commission for county and city building ‑ Lease authority
54-40-03 Disbursement of funds ‑ Issuance of bonds
54-40-04 Termination of agreement
54-40-05 Agreement shall provide for disposition of property
54-40-06 Residence requirement
54-40-07 Clarification of constitutional authority and effect of other statutes
54-40-08 Agreements for the use by political subdivisions of buildings and facilities of the state
54-40-09 Human service centers ‑ Powers ‑ Duties
54-40-10 Human services ‑ Certification ‑ Standards
54-40-11 County social service board collocation with human service centers ‑ Fiscal incentives
54-40-12 Joint agreements for heat from a central heating source