North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-46

Records Management

Section Section Name
54-46-01 Short title
54-46-02 Definitions
54-46-03 State records administrator
54-46-03.1 Transfer of records management functions authorized
54-46-04 Duties of administrator
54-46-05 Duties of agency heads
54-46-06 Assistance to legislative and judicial branches
54-46-07 Records not to be destroyed or removed
54-46-08 Determination necessary for final disposition of records
54-46-08.1 Preservation of records found to be archival resources
54-46-09 Destruction of nonrecord materials and nonarchival resources
54-46-10 Rules and regulations
54-46-11 Annual report
54-46-12 County, city, and park district records ‑ Uniform program established by administrator
54-46-13 Rules for state and human service zone records ‑ Administrator to adopt
54-46-14 Continued confidentiality of records