North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 54-52

Public Employees Retirement System

Section Section Name
54-52-01 Definition of terms
54-52-02 Formulation of plan ‑ Exclusion of employees covered by plans in existence
54-52-02.1 Political subdivisions authorized to join public employees retirement system
54-52-02.2 Employee referendum ‑ Authorization and supervision
54-52-02.3 Newly elected supreme and district court judges
54-52-02.4 Participation by certain employees ‑ Requirements
54-52-02.5 Newly elected and appointed state officials
54-52-02.6 Repurchase of past service upon re-employment
54-52-02.7 Purchase of service by former employees of mental health and retardation centers
54-52-02.8 Purchase of service
54-52-02.9 Participation by temporary employees
54-52-02.10 Members of the legislative assembly
54-52-02.11 Participation requirements for nonstate elected officials
54-52-02.12 Participation requirements for nonstate appointed officials
54-52-02.13 Participation by nonteaching employees of the office of the superintendent of public instruction
54-52-02.14 Participation by employees of the state board for career and technical education
54-52-03 Governing authority
54-52-04 Board authority
54-52-05 Membership and assessments ‑ Employer payment of employee contributions
54-52-06 Employer's contribution to retirement plan ‑ Report to the legislative assembly
54-52-06.1 Contribution by supreme and district court judges ‑ Employer contribution
54-52-06.2 Contribution by national guard security officers or firefighters ‑ Employer contribution
54-52-06.3 Contribution by peace officers, firefighters, and correctional officers employed by political subdivisions ‑ Employer contribution
54-52-06.4 Contribution by peace officers employed by the bureau of criminal investigation or security officers employed by the national guard ‑ Employer contribution
54-52-06.5 Reduction in member and employer contributions
54-52-07 Governmental unit contribution is retirement contribution
54-52-08 State income tax deductions
54-52-09 Exemption from state premium tax
54-52-10 Allocation of funds
54-52-10.1 Payment of benefits and other costs
54-52-11 Vesting ‑ Vesting schedule of agency, county, city, or school district contribution
54-52-11.1 Vesting of employer contributions
54-52-12 Exemption from taxation and judicial process ‑ Prohibition of assignment
54-52-13 Deposit of moneys ‑ Appropriation
54-52-13.1 Retirement benefits ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-52-14 Acceptance of money and property by the board
54-52-14.1 Investment of moneys in fund
54-52-14.2 Interest and earnings attributable to administered funds
54-52-14.3 Public employee retirement funds ‑ Use and investment
54-52-15 Accounting requirements
54-52-16 Insurance contracts ‑ Trust agreements
54-52-17 Formulation of plan
54-52-17.1 Actuarial studies required
54-52-17.2 Multiple plan membership ‑ Eligibility for benefits ‑ Amount of benefits
54-52-17.3 Purchase of legislative service credit
54-52-17.4 Purchase of additional credit
54-52-17.5 Postretirement adjustments
54-52-17.6 Benefit payments to alternate payee under qualified domestic relations order
54-52-17.7 Employment records
54-52-17.8 Benefit limitations
54-52-17.9 Prior service retiree adjustment
54-52-17.10 Prior service retiree adjustment
54-52-17.11 Judges postretirement adjustments
54-52-17.12 Judges postretirement adjustments
54-52-17.13 Supplemental retiree benefit payment
54-52-17.14 Military service under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act ‑ Member retirement credit
54-52-18 Apportionment of benefits
54-52-19 Prior service
54-52-19.1 Continuance of prior service benefits earned under former plan
54-52-19.2 Grant of prior service credit after refund
54-52-20 Prior service ‑ Register ‑ Benefits
54-52-21 Plan not employment contract
54-52-22 Interpretation clause
54-52-23 Savings clause ‑ Plan modifications
54-52-24 Planning and organizing funds
54-52-25 Limitation of powers
54-52-26 Confidentiality of records
54-52-27 Purchase of sick leave credit
54-52-28 Internal Revenue Code compliance
54-52-29 Employer service purchases