North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 55-02

State Historical Board Director

Section Section Name
55-02-01 State historical board ‑ Appointment of director ‑ Duties
55-02-01.1 Term of office ‑ Vacancy ‑ Salary and expenses
55-02-01.2 Duties of the director
55-02-01.3 Director to advise director of parks and recreation department
55-02-02 Transfer of property from state historical society board to North Dakota park service
55-02-03 Rules to protect property administered by the state historical society ‑ Penalty
55-02-04 Fees for use of facilities ‑ Concession agreements ‑ Duration ‑ Appropriation
55-02-05 Contracting supervision and maintenance with other divisions of federal and state government ‑ Compensation for expenses incurred
55-02-06 State historical museum at Pembina ‑ Chateau de Mores
55-02-07 Protection of historical or archaeological artifacts or sites
55-02-07.1 Protection of prehistoric or historic site locational data
55-02-07.2 Protection of public health and safety on sites having a public function
55-02-08 Custody and control of former executive mansion ‑ Maintenance responsibility
55-02-09 Historical impact emergency fund ‑ Administration by director of state historical society ‑ Emergency commission authorization