North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 57-05

Assessment of Railroad Property

Section Section Name
57-05-01 Railroad property to be assessed by state board of equalization
57-05-01.1 Tentative assessment ‑ Notice of hearing
57-05-02 Right of way not used for railroad purposes to be surveyed
57-05-03 Valuation apportioned according to mileage
57-05-04 Certification of mileage and valuation
57-05-05 Maps of railroad right of way ‑ Filing ‑ Penalty
57-05-06 County auditor to send maps to railroad corporation
57-05-07 Railroad shall file information with county auditor
57-05-08 Report by railroad corporation to tax commissioner
57-05-09 Failure of railroad corporation to make reports to county auditor and state tax commissioner ‑ Penalty
57-05-10 Enforcement of railroad corporation's liability
57-05-11 Information deemed confidential