North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 57-12

County Board of Equalization

Section Section Name
57-12-01 Membership of board ‑ Meeting ‑ Required attendance of certain officials
57-12-01.1 Spot checks of real property
57-12-02 Duties of board as to assessments in unorganized territory
57-12-03 Duties of county auditor
57-12-04 Duties of board
57-12-05 Requirements to be followed in equalization of individual assessments
57-12-06 County board of equalization - Equalizing between assessment districts and between properties ‑ Limitation on increase ‑ Notice
57-12-07 Township and municipal officers to advise with board
57-12-08 Auditor to correct list and send abstract to state tax commissioner
57-12-09 Notice of increased assessment to real estate owner